A-ttco Auto Spare Parts

By on November 6, 2016

A-ttco Auto Spare Parts is a newly established brand of automotive spare parts manufactured and supplied by Al Taraf Trading Co. based in Dubai. The brand has developed a wide range of high quality automotive spare parts for various vehciles and has been marketing their brandAttco Spare Partsaggressively in many African countries.

Some of the products available under the A-ttco brand are Rubber parts, axle boots and steering boots, disc brake pads, pistons, liners, Asbestos free brake pads and brake shoes, driveshaft boots, steering boots, suspension bushings, engine bushings, arm bushings, shock absorber boots, engine mountings. You can also find gaskets, clutch parts and transmission parts, universal joints as well as other general automotive products and accessories with A-ttco.

The availability of such a wide variety of parts for all kinds of vehicles has been a major pillar in the success of the company. Customers are happy to be able to source all their requirements from under one roof. As a result, the company has been regularly increasing its customer base over the years.

A-ttco automobile parts are being exported to many African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana and Zambia. “African buyers prefer to buy A-ttco automobile spare parts as they are assured of high quality spare parts at rock bottom prices,” says Ali Rizwan, Executive Director of Al-Taraf Trading.

In order to further increase exports to African markets, A-ttco is looking to partner with renowned and well established auto parts dealers in Africa to act as Agents and Distributors for A-ttco Spare Parts.

Al Taraf Trading is also the agent f for Hardex Brakes® – a Canadian manufacturer & supplier of brake Hardex Brake Padspads, brake shoes, and brake linings for all passenger and commercial vehicles and trucks.
The company offers excellent logistics support for shipments destined for various Hardex Brake Padsparts of the world and is able to develop products for your specific brand at highly competitive prices.

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