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By on November 6, 2016

Al Tawasul is renowned as one of the pioneers in the field of supplying genuine spare parts for European trucks and trailers. Established in 1982 with an office in Al Ain, Al Tawasul opened a branch in Abu Dhabi in 1992 and went on to establish its head office in Sharjah’s spare parts market in 1999.

iveco logoAs a reliable supplier of Iveco Truck parts in the United Arab Emirates, Al Tawasul is known as a reliable supplier of genuine spare parts not only for Iveco but many other truck and trailer marques. The company specialises in the supply of hydraulic pumps, P.T.O., cylinders, hydraulic systems for any truck, electrical parts for any truck and brake systems for all trucks.

iveco spare partsIn addition to Iveco truck parts, Al Tawasul is also a leading supplier in the United Arab Emirates of genuine spare parts for Mercedes trucks and trailers. “We keep a comprehensive range of Mercedes truck parts in our inventory – ready for shipment to any part of the world at a short notice,  says Bassim Qassim, managing director of Al Tawasul Truck Spare Parts Company. “The ready availability of genuine spare parts of all kinds of European trucks and trailers has helped us gain a growing customer base in various parts of the world,”  he says.

truck parts dubaiThe company currently exports to over 25 countries around the world which include Middle East countries like Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran. In Africa, the company has been an active supplier of genuine truck parts to countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea.

As one of the specialist suppliers of spare parts for European trucks and trailers, Al Tawasul Truck Spare Parts Company keeps a ready stock of genuine spare parts in its expansive warehouse in Sharjah’s Industrial Area. As a result, the company is able to meet the varying needs of all its clients and customers with prompt delivery schedules. “By ensuring timely deliveries to all our customers, we have been able to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients,”  says Bassim Qassim. “Quality service, genuine spare parts and timely deliveries have been the hallmarks of our success,  he says.

mercedes spare partsThe company is on the lookout to capture the African market by diverting its marketing efforts in establishing longterm business contacts with its business counterparts in African countries. Demand for genuine spare parts for trucks and trailers has been registering a steady growth in African countries in recent years. African customers are regularly sourcing their needs for spare parts from UAE’s spare parts market. By focussing its marketing efforts in Africa, Al Tawasul aims to capture a major share of the African market. African customers can also rest assured that they will be supplied genuine spare parts at a competitive price from a well established company in the UAE

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