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By on January 18, 2017
Zafco FZE has emerged as a major supplier, wholesaler and stockist of Toyo Tyres in Dubai and a major exporter to African markets

Zafco is associated with TOYO for over three years and represents the brand in different countries in the African continent. ZAFCO has a presence in African markets for over a decade now with very committed distributors. ZAFCO also has its own local sales team based in most of the countries to provide the best possible service levels. ZAFCO is regularly supplying TOYO tyres in countries like Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The used cars imported from the Middle East and the USA have a big share in the car market  in African countries. A lot of these cars have TOYO tyres fitted as an Original Equipped tyre brand and this gives a cutting edge to the TOYO tyres brand and the distributor to increase the market share on the road, especially for the budget segment where Toyo’s TEO PLUS pattern is the best option.

Toyo’s 4×4 tyres are doing extremely well in the African markets. The Safari vehicles which are used to carry passengers for Safari trips are now using TOYO tyres in their fleets and are very pleased with the performance of the Open Country All Terrain pattern of TOYO.

In the year 2012, Toyo has been introduced as an OEM brand in Kenya and it will continue to come as an OEM tyre in the trailers in future. M320 pattern, which is an “All Position” pattern in Toyo, is the most successful pattern. Toyo tyres’ high performance has become the talk of the town, particularly among the youth in Kenya. Toyo has been the Gold Sponsor in “Great Run”, a motoring event where Motor Enthusiasts meet and drive over hundreds of kilometres to promote road safety and raise charity. Over 25 per cent of these cars use Toyo’s “Proxes” range of High Performance tyre pattern.

TOYO is a premium brand of tyres from Japan and is perceived as a top class brand in the African market. With an assortment that covers all the tyre sizes in passenger car, light truck and truck tyre segments, Toyo is continuously seeing its market share grow in the region.

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